XC USA 2015

Day 3: Minneap By Bike

3 June 2015


We set out on two wheels, Aurora in a backpack, to run errands all over. Teysia had to upload a file, so we used the post office wifi. While hanging out there, we met the bird man, a shy but talkative guy with a child's voice and demeanor, who had just gotten some doves. I wore a silly outfit. Pictures can be found on Nick's blog

A wise suburban sage's hut

A wise suburban sage's hut


We ended up splitting up for some reason, and Nick and I bombed through the city, enjoying the shopping district as a racetrack to the river. We headed up a trail to hunt at thrift shops (I was trying to find a camera bag). It began to rain, so we sought shelter just as the sky burst. We'd stopped near another post office I think because I'd gotten a call from the people who had bought my car saying they needed another title sent to them because they'd crossed out the name and written a new one, which voided it. Not thinking about it, I worked for what felt like half the day to get the new title sent to them overnight, under the pretense that they'd pay me back the cost. I should've let them live with their idiocy (who tries to alter a title??) because they never paid me back and started accusing me of ripping them off, saying the car needed all kinds of work. They didn't even test drive it when they bought it. ~*Craigslist fun*~

The downpour had us chillin on the sidewalk, staring at a bike shop across the street, within which we'd wished we'd sought shelter instead (we could have at least had some conversation and something to look at). The street was too busy to cross and the rain made it worse. We did finally go into the corner store, which was very similar to a Stewart's and chilled at a table with some munchies. 


Once it let up, we decided to tough out whatever was still falling and made our way back to the city along the well-maintained bikeway. The city caught us with a bridge over the river, providing a view of that part of the city, with these huge, very industrial Iron Giant-esque electrical wire tripods walking their way from one end of the city to the other. Getting back through the city by memory, we got a little lost and chatted with a bank security guard for a while while it rained again. I think I finally broke down and just started using google maps to get us back to the apartment building. On the final climb back, by quads cramped and I actually fell into the grass next the road, totally locked up for a few minutes.


Once we got back, we found T and Aurora on a bench outside the building, chilled from the cool air. We waited to get back in to load back up in the car. I met up with Hanna again for a few minutes to meet her guy (in my silly outfit) while Teysia took care of some last things. We'd been invited by our friend Adrienne to join her and her parents at their house in St. Paul for the evening, so we drove over to her suburban neighborhood and enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal and conversation with them.

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Jacob Sell Hicks