XC USA 2015

Day 2: Yoopin' to Minneapolis

2 June 2015


Awaking at 4:30 am to a frozen tent, after that long drive, with only another one ahead of us, really sucked. But we had to keep truckin'. This would become a very familiar feeling.

I took the first drive shift, which was fine for a while as the adrenaline from waking up freezing kept me awake, the moon guiding us Southwest down the neck of the Upper Peninsula.


We stopped at a pretty little outlook as the light began to stream in through the breaks in the trees. Overlooking what Europeans call Grand Island Harbor, or Minis-ing, as the Ojibwa called it, and Gitchee Minis, or Grand Island, the sight was a nice, vast break from the rush of pavement. The first Europeans intruded in 1658, using the area as a passage to Canada from that time on.


Looking at the photos through the lens of that history, I can't help but try to imagine what it must have been like for the Ojibwa to have their normalcy of home utterly trampled upon by men coming only to take, and their stream of trampling feet steadily increasing over the next 250 years. They, along with that place - their place - is lost now.


Getting back in to drive again, I kept falling asleep, so I handed the wheel over to Nick. We stopped a while later to get gas. Da Yoopers aren't quite American, but they certainly aren't Canadian. They're Yoopers. You have to go to see what I mean, I suppose. It's a bit like Eastern Washington folks, but with more of that very Midwestern …quality. Like Fargo, but not? Their cops drive bigass Suburbans with enormous, hilariously stupid-looking rotating lights on top of their cars. They look comical, like toys or something. 


Teysia took over driving and, almost immediately, one of those stupid-looking cars turned on its lights and she ended up with a ticket. I think she'd actually been driving more slowly than Nick had. 

We eventually made it to Minneapolis, via Wisconsin, through this gorgeous little town, just like Gouverneur or Antwerp, NY, with the grass just that certain color green that you get in early summer, with that streaming light that used to accompany ambling teenage wanderings, just daydreaming in the afternoon, not thinking of much. 


We connected with one of Nick's friends who graciously housed us for the night. We blipped out for a minute for me see Hanna super quickly, and then headed back to chill with a view of the city from whatever floor that was. 

there are many backstories to this little gift, like labyrinths to wander, detached from reality. 

there are many backstories to this little gift, like labyrinths to wander, detached from reality. 

Jacob Sell Hicks