European Journals

Day 0

28 August 2017


Got things stitched up at home, cleaned things up and withdrew it all into our room, packed. Kept wanting to take the dogs on one of our four wheeler runs, but the folks came to do hay so I didn't get the chance. Ripped around on the wheeler a little without them. Dad came and we finished up and got in the car.


Drove to Walmart to get some last things and food, then headed east. Nice drive, talking with Dad a bit and playing a silly mech phone game. We talked a lot, about many things, not the usual in-depth, but skittering from topic to topic.


The dopest trailer in all the land. 

The dopest trailer in all the land. 

We got to the airport, which looked like a tiny shopping mall or a Wegman's, and Dad refused to leave us, getting all worked up until we were through security. The whole day proved it evident that he wanted to come too. He'd packed his bags, even, and went on a little road trip for the next day or two.


The plane was overnight, so after watching the season finale of GoT, we got some sleep and then watched the sun rise.  

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