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Day 3: Goodbye Edi, Hello Glasgow

31 August 2017


We slept in a little and got packed, then headed to Teuchters for the traditional Scottish breakfast. We liked all of it except the haggis, and especially the black pudding. A "huge" cup of coffee accompanied. It was a nice morning, with clear sun.



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We bused to city centre and went to the National Gallery and saw a bunch of contemporary art up front, then the old stuff in the back, which was actually quite a nice time (and even Teysia enjoyed it!).


We got to the station and the first bus driver told us to catch the next bus, so we did, but the second driver asked me if the first had told me we couldn't ride that one and I said yea, and he shook his head. I asked if we could've ridden that one and he said yeah it didn't matter. Odd I thought. We got settled and had a nice ride out of the city and over the countryside, which actually brought a tear to my eye it was so nice and so much like I'd imagined. It's Scotland!

Leaving Edi

Leaving Edi


We got off in Glasgow, much more a city than I'd expected. I'd thought Glasgow was the smaller of the two for some reason, so it was a shock for sure. We hunted a café to get an AirBnB from, finding a little place that ended up affording us free food for the next day because they were going to toss it out anyway. By this time I was full-in eating bread and such, so I had a few pastries and took a sandwich.


We walked to the AirBnB to find that the address was wrong, so we bothered some random older lady. We went to the library to figure things out (sort it, as they say), and decided after a bunch of worry to just wait for this one and get another tomorrow. So we waited and then headed over. The place was just next door to the first mistaken one, the address was wrong. The two there were in the middle of moving in, so we had to help them assemble a standing light for the room, the light switch didn't work, the shower wasn't in order, there weren't proper sheets or blanket on the bed, etc. etc. We even got locked into the room when we closed the door (the guy had to toss me a screwdriver from outside to the window so I could take the mechanism apart from the inside). It was a damn mess. But just one night, so we toughed it.

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