European Journals

Day 6: A Day in Neilston

3 September 2017


We got up late and I figured I'd head into Barrhead down the road for a haircut. I set out in my wool shirt (no jacket - it'd weighed me down the day before) and pants rolled up for my sandals and had a lovely cloudy walk across the countryside down the hill to the bigger town. The hedges guided my way, holding back a bunch of trash left by passersby, a surprise for a country so environmentally-inclined. The barber's shop I'd sought out didn't exist, and everything was closed, it being Sunday. I stopped at the bus stop and asked an older woman the cost. We talked about Trump and things, it was nice. I'd just missed the hourly bus it turned out, so I walked back despite my sore Achilles' (a recurring issue from day 3ish - too much too soon, and in these boots tied wrong; I've found a way to tie them now so my feet - front ankle left and top of foot left, achilles right - aren't bothered). I wandered the cemetery and it started to drizzle as I got back to Neilston. I stepped into The Pad and got some take-away for Teysia and myself.

The Pad

The Pad


We relaxed and ate a bit, then headed back to The Pad for a "2 4 1" dinner, which was fine. I ate on top of being full, so I was slow. I'd tried the veg haggis (much better than the normal) with neeps n tatties, and the server wasn't sure I liked it because I was slow, and I just said I needed more water (which I sorely did - I haven't been drinking enough). When she came back, the plate was totally clean and she said I must've liked it, with a smile. The neeps were absolutely fluffed, having been pureed. It was lovely. I could've done twice them and half the "haggis".


We headed back and I got tea at a strategic moment so as to ambush our hosts. We ended up talking late into the night. Mostly George and I, but also Liesha. He was a true Scot, beard and all, and he told me about Glasgow, the football clubs and their knotted ties with politics and religion, the political boundaries and differences between Britain, the UK, Great Britain, and the Commonwealth. We talked politics, philosophy, travel, life. He'd recently quit his job and was looking, we talked about his kids, about his Italian upbringing and deep connections (Liesha's Italian). I talked photography with Liesha and all kinds of other things. Hiking and bothies and all of it.


Anyway, it was a good chat and I wish we could have been friends in another life.

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