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Day 5: The Kelvingrove

2 September 2017



Neilston morning sun

Neilston morning sun

I took the red pill (duh)

I took the red pill (duh)

Leaving Central Station in the morning

Leaving Central Station in the morning

We got up early and got into the city to have another nice morning walk to Kelvingrove Park and then to the Kelvingrove, where we ended up spending all day! It had a good smattering of things, but much of it seemed tossed together. We got yelled at by a small, deformed little man for having coffee while standing. Odd, but whatever.

Jacob Sell Hicks 20170902 20170902_094454.jpg
Jacob Sell Hicks 20170902 20170902_094615.jpg

We listened to the organ recital, which was quite neat. Teysia was ready to leave long before I was, but it was good regardless. The damn Dali wasn't there, though, which was pretty disappointing.

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After that, we walked to the Butterfly and the Pig for dinner, and quite a lovely little place and food it was! I had the black pudding to start and fish pie to finish, but I wish I'd had a bigger portion of the pudding for all of it, honestly. Very good, and we beckoned in a family that was above, unsure of whether it was the place for them. On our way out, the matron said to me she wasn't sure if I was on commission, but I asked if they'd enjoyed it and they said yes, so I was glad.


We walked then to Central by way of the pedestrian street. Along the way:

The only black man we'd seen so far performed for a huge crowd in the center of the ped area like a circus performer;

A woman was saying to her obviously drunk 17-18yr old daughter, "I just want to make sure you're ok" in a worried, pleading tone, as her fat daughter rolled her eyes and head and swung herself across the crosswalk with a red face, half leaning on her;

On that corner, we saw an older woman pointing at a young man inside the Subway at a high table with his girlfriend, and leaning and pointing towards the door as they tried to ignore her - I assume she was a lush or something and heckling him/them;

Half a block under the station, a man with a Staffordshire on a leash yelling back to the folks sleeping on the sidewalk walks hurriedly past us with a little jump in his step. The folks on the street across the way yell to those now next to us and they say, yeah the one with the dog, and they all four or so go running after him. People stop and watch and wait. We couldn't see beyond the small knot of people, but heard a bit of yelling and a few barks. Who knows what happened.


We rode back and settled in, going over money and Teysia had a migraine, so we just worked a bit.


Their little border terrier Dexter really got Teysia (of course), and had me thinking of Mum and Aurora and Toby.

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