European Journals

Day 4: Glasgow, Attempt 2

1 September 2017


Warning - there's some bad words in here. That goes for all posts now, too. 


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We got up and out pretty early and headed to the library to get set up. Then we walked to the Botanic, a nice morning again somehow. I got Teysia set in a hidden little café called Naked Soup, then I toured the garden buildings myself - like an indoor jungle, really.


After a few hours, I came back and got some food with her and then we walked down Byers Rd., then rode the subway to the city centre and walked to Central Station. We got on the wrong platform because I blindly followed google, but then we got to the right one and enjoyed a lovely ride out to Neilston, past hills and sheeps and a reservoir bordered in red growth.

There's something charming to me about the industrial revolution-era row houses. Or maybe disturbing, like MC Escher or  Inception. 

There's something charming to me about the industrial revolution-era row houses. Or maybe disturbing, like MC Escher or Inception. 

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We got off and a group of boys sitting on the railing on the ramp up from the station nodded to each other as we passed, heading up to where this younger guy (16-17) who had ridden the train with us was bickering with a bigger, seemingly younger kid (15?) about who knows what. I wanted to stop, and got a reason to just as we were almost a block away and a woman who may have been a mother was stopped too, worried about the group of them. The smaller guy kept calling him a fat fuck or fat bastard and saying he (the older, himself) was going this way and not that (apparently the bigger had disputed this), come on and he'll show 'im. They both just kept saying the same thing, so I don't know if one bumped the other and it started a little turf thing or what. Two young girls passed us and the woman asked if they knew them, they nodded, and she said in a quiet voice, stop it. She didn't want to see them fight. The girls just walked up and watched. We moved on after the smaller guy pointed at us saying, "see we ev'n got a bunch of cunts watching now" (he seemed a bit tired of it, though he was the motormouth at the moment, the big one just muttering a bit). The small boys, a real crew of them, really, were on the big kid's side, so I didn't want to see the loudmouth get ganged up on, but we went round the corner, then heard yelling. I peeked back through a grown-over fence and saw that the big kid had his shirt off and the smaller was a bit down the ramp with his fists up. I think the bigger lunged and missed, then turned and seemed to try and run, the smaller smacked him in the back or the back of his head and he fell on his face and the smaller said, "there, is that it, then?" and it was done. A good five minutes of the same three lines shouted over and over just for that. I heard a car beep in the train parking lot next to us and the smaller one yelled something from the bridge twice, and his buddy in the car sped over and got him. I don't think he was keen on hanging about having just felled the great muttering one.


Leaving that behind, we walked in the fine evening light and found the AirBnB among simple homes. We met Liesha and her husband George and they showed us the room upstairs after Liesha got some sweet peas for our room.




We went to the Coop for groceries, dodging a man with a developmental disability (and perhaps almost blind) and his dog, as well as many dog mines along the sidewalk. I got more pancakes and tomatoes and pears and such and then we walked back, the same man almost running into me, but instead just hitting me with a limp hand by accident, but with no reaction whatsoever.


We relaxed and had the evening.

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