European Saga

Postkarten aus Bayern


As a photographer, traveling presents endless opportunities for making work. Sure, there's Instagram and other social media for sharing images with friends, but post cards are material, and they're everywhere you go while traveling. 

I wanted to see if my photos could work as post cards, as well as give friends and family back home something more meaningful than an overpriced piece of card stock. 


Postcard 3.jpg


Most of the ones you can buy are really dated and/or poorly designed,
so Teysia lent her skills on that end. 


Postcard 1.jpg
Postcard 2.jpg
Postcard 5.jpg


It was definitely more work, and they got somewhat torn up in transit, but it's cool to see the images materialized, like a piece of those places sent along, little windows back to the trip.


Postcard 4.jpg
GermanyJacob Sell Hicks